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If broken, Laminated Glass will remain intact in its frame and will continue to safeguard the building until the glass is replaced. Due to the tough PVB interlayer used, it will continue to provide protection and resistance to entry after the glazing is broken.
Sound Reduction
The viscoelastic properties of the PVB interlayer used in Laminated Glass provide a dampening effect on the transmission of sound, thus reducing unwanted noise.
Solar Energy Control
Laminated glass using tinted, reflective or Low-E glass can provide a wide range af aesthetic and solar performance options. In addition to reducing solar heat gain and glare, it can also enhance the appearance of buildings and meet energy management needs.
UV Control
The UV absorbing additives in the PVB interlayer used by Laminated Glass can screen out almost all of the sun's damaging UV rays, thus providing protection against discoloration and damage to fabrics, furniture, wall, coverings, furnishings, artworks, etc.

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